The Team

Fern Millroy

After studying at Cardiff University and working for Emirates Airline as a member of Cabin Crew, Fern began her career in Film on set in amongst the lights, camera and action! She soon went on to coordinate the stunt, locations, shipping and accommodation departments for several blockbuster movies. Fern has toured the world living out of a suitcase for the past five years learning what to expect from a hotel and what we all really hope for when checking in.  She has a great understanding of both the needs of the guest and the people behind the scenes making the bookings.

Ollie Millroy

Ollie has had successful careers as both a professional racing driver and a stunt driver in film and TV. During his career, he has spent a huge amount of time in hotels and apartments throughout the world, networking and building connections within the industries. Having used services similar to that of Penguin London, he completely understands the relationships from both sides which is important for providing a high level of service to our clients.

Emily McCarthy
Travel Coordinator

Emily’s professional experience has afforded her with a keen eye for customer excellence through various customer-service focused roles  across multiple sectors, from Travel and Tourism to IT and Tech. Since studying International Business at University, Emily has developed a strong passion for experiencing new cultures and travelling to unique destinations, seeking to cultivate the same memorable experiences for all her customers.

Lucy Swarbrick
Travel Coordinator

With seven years of experience as cabin crew at Emirates Airlines and previous role as Reservation Manager at a prestigious beach club and restaurant in Dubai, Lucy brings extensive expertise in customer service and travel logistics to Penguin London as a Travel Coordinator. Skilled in itinerary planning, client relations, and operational efficiency, she excels in delivering seamless travel experiences tailored to individual needs.

Tai’la Lever
Travel Coordinator

Tai’la brings a strong background as a Transport Coordinator over the past three years. Transitioning into her role as a Travel Coordinator, Tai’la applies her in-depth knowledge of logistics to expertly coordinate seamless travel arrangements for clients, ensuring every journey is marked by smooth transitions and unforgettable experiences. Her dedication to efficiency and client satisfaction shines through in her management of diverse travel requirements with professionalism.

Charlotte Johnstone
Accounts Manager